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In the 19th century, France developed into the center of the absinthe industry. Without the assignment of absinthe as a daily ration to troops in the French army in the Algerian war Absinthe would most likely have forever remained a local spirit in Jura region. As soldiers returned to France from North Africa, Absinthe became symbol of patriotism and the new found self-confidence of the nation. Marseille became the main hub for spirits; Wherever there were French people they brought their 'Verte' with them. Absinthe became an extremely widespread drink in all the French colonies. New Orleans became the unquestioned center of absinthe culture in America. Soon Absinthe was not only imported but produced in many countries where the French were present, even in places like Brazil, Japan or South Africa. Most of these old distilleries have ceased production of absinthe. For a few years, however, some newer distillers have been successfully trying to revive the art of absinthe production, even in potentially unfavorable locations such as the USA and Sweden.

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