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Absinthe from Switzerland

Absinthe from Switzerland is characterised by recipes for herbal-tonic remedies which have been widespread in the Jura region, a mountainous area on the border of France and Switzerland, for many years. In 1797, Daniel-Henri Dubied and Henri-Louis Pernod distilled the first commercial Absinthe in Couvet on the Swiss side of the border to France. Until the absinthe ban in Switzerland in 1910, the Val de Travers developed into a world-wide center for the production of absinthe. Some of the distilleries, such as Pernod, set up branch offices in France to take advantage of the larger markets there. Since the re-admittance of absinthe in Switzerland in 2005, many new distilleries have been established in the Jura region. Often these are former unofficial distilleries who never stopped producing their family recipes, this continuity is most probably the main reason for the remarkable quality of the new Swiss absinthe.

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