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Absinthe from Germany

Absinthe has never been as prominent in Germany as it is in France or in parts of Switzerland, but for many distilleries in the 1900s, absinthe was commonly distilled alongside other spirits. While high-class imported absinthe always carried with it an air of elegance and cosmopolitanism, the cheaper local products were often associated with crime and the black market underworld. Nevertheless, even in times of the greatest anti-absinthe hysteria, prohibition was never a necessity and it was only a decade later, on April 27, 1923, that Germany was able to establish legal ban on absinthe. After the re-admittance of absinthe in Germany in 1998, some larger companies ventured back into the production of the drink. For a few years now, there have been a number of high quality distillates coming from smaller producers in the country.

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