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Absinthdepot in Berlin Mitte is one of the few specialised stores for Absinthe worldwide. We carry about 300 different absinthes in different bottle sizes, as well as accessories of all kinds. In addition, you will find a small but fine selection of other spirits as well as wine and beer. It is also possible to drink absinthe, but since we do not have toilets, the consumption of beer in the shop is unfortunately not allowed. Also, please understand that due to our neighbourhood laws, we must ensure that a certain volume is not exceeded.

Weinmeisterstraße 4
10178 Berlin
Monday – Friday 14°° – 24°°
Saturday 13°° – 24°°
Sundays & holidays – closed

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The Absinthdepot is located on Weinmeisterstraße between Alexanderplatz and Hackeschen Markt in the historic Scheunenviertel. This building is one of the oldest in the area.

The store was built in the 90s as one of the few late night sellers – an institution to supply the club visitors with alcohol and cigarettes. Very early on, in addition to the usual range, the first absinthes from Spain and Czech Republic were available. After more than 75 years, the legendary drink returned to a city quarter where it was home at the turn of the Century.

Many customers still remember the legendary absinthe samples held in the back room of the Ladenschluss in its early years. In the year 2000 we decided to renovate the shop and concentrate on the expansion of the absinthe range. From about five different absinthes at the beginning, we have currently expanded our range to more than 300 different varieties. In addition, of course, we also supply accessories such as absinthe spoons, glasses and fountains.


Since we have no toilets, only recently have we been allowed to serve absinthe.

The changed legal situation has allowed us to serve absinthe in a glass for a few years. However, the drinking of beer in the shop is unfortunately still not allowed. We serve the absinthe in a classic way with ice water from the fountain, next to the absinthes on the map you can also choose from the absinthe, which are also just opened. If we are to make your absinthe with sugar, we ask you to inform us beforehand.

We are only a very small shop and as such one of the few remaining in the middle. Needless to say, we, too, have to be considerate of the neighbourhood, especially in an increasingly quiet street. For this reason, we ask for your understanding when we have to ensure that the volume is not exceeded in the shop. We close punctually at midnight. Should you come in a larger group, we can not always guarantee that we have enough room for everyone at weekends. We kindly ask you to call in advance in advance and, if possible, to go on a weekday or in the afternoons.

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