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The absinthe shop and bar in Berlin

Weinmeisterstraße 4
10178 Berlin
Monday – Friday 14°° – 24°°
Saturday 13°° – 24°°
Sundays & holidays – closed

A Berlin landmark since the late 90s, Absinth Depot has over 300 varieties of absinthes to enjoy. As well as a physical store and bar, we’ve opened our extensive range of absinthes to buy online.

More about our bar & shop

A few select dates for the year 2018:

20.-22.3. Absinthe Week in Môtiers.
Grande Rue 10, 2112 Môtiers, Switzerland

28.4. 1. Freiburger Absinth Fest
Wentzingerstraße 7A, 79106 Freiburg im Breisgau

16.6. Fête de l’Absinthe
2113 Boveresse, Switzwerland

5.-7.10. 18émes Absinthiades
25300 Pontarlier, France


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